Ryan O’Meara

Ryan O’Meara, Founder, Independent Digital Media Ltd

Independent Digital Media is the brainchild of Ryan O’Meara, the entrepreneur behind media firms, K9 Media Ltd (Europe’s largest pet publishing company) and ViVo Media Ltd (the UK’s first ultra-local, ultra-luxury publisher).

Ryan has successfully launched and operated more than 45 websites, published 4 magazines, published an international book, appears on national television and radio frequently (News Night, BBC Breakfast, The One Show, GMTV, ITV News, Channel 5 News, Channel 4 News, BBC Working Lunch, Radio 4, Radio 5Live & many more) and has a media portfolio that reaches more than 11m people, worldwide.

He achieved all of these things by using digital media and believes that all organisations – private or public sector – can greatly enhance their operations by harnessing the power of digital media, with just a little help from someone who’s done it and, more importantly, someone who is not only willing to explain how they’ve done it but is positively delighted to help people unlock the secrets of new media.